Best Brownie Recipes


Brownies are always welcome, whether as an after school treat or as a nice surprise tucked into a lunch box. And there are so many things you can do with them! These brownie recipes are all quick, easy, and very delicious. The key to making the best brownies is to measure the ingredients correctly, make sure your oven is accurate, follow the directions to the letter, and bake them just until done. Overbaked brownies are dry brownies! Have fun making these brownie recipes and challenge yourself to think of new combinations you and your family will love.

Creamy Brownies - Linda Larsen
Creamy Brownies. Linda Larsen

1.  Creamy Brownies

These wonderful brownies are creamy and velvety because the sugar is boiled with butter and water so it dissolves completely. And the simple frosting is perfect. Yum. More »

Special-Kay-Brownies.jpg - Linda Larsen
Special Kay Brownies. Linda Larsen

2.  Special Kay Brownies

These fabulously rich brownies are rich and creamy. They're topped with a caramel-peanut butter crunch mixture, then more velvety chocolate and peanut butter melted together. Wow. More »

Cream Cheese Frosted Brownies - Linda Larsen
Cream Cheese Frosted Brownies. Linda Larsen

3.  Cream Cheese Frosted Brownies

Cream cheese frosting on brownies is incredibly addictive. There's something about the rich fudginess of these brownies contrasting with the smooth cream cheese topping that is absolutely fabulous. More »
Caramel Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies - Linda Larsen
Caramel Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies. Linda Larsen

4.  Caramel Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies

These brownies taste like a combination of brownie, fudge, caramel, and peanut butter. You have to cut them into 1" squares because nobody can handle a bigger piece! These are the brownies I make when I want to feed (and wow) a crowd. In fact, my husband is taking them to school today to give to his students! More »

Candy Bar Brownies - Linda Larsen
Candy Bar Brownies. Linda Larsen

5.  Candy Bar Brownies

Adding chopped candy bars to the brownie batter and stirring them into the frosting is one of the easiest ways to turn a brownie mix into something incredibly decadent. Yum! More »
Black and White Brownies - Linda Larsen
Black and White Brownies. Linda Larsen

6.  Black and White Brownies

Two frostings again make these brownies special. White chocolate is melted and poured over creamy brownies with white chocolate studded throughout, then a special hot frosting is poured over the white chocolate. It all melds together into something fabulous. More »

Chewy Brownies - Linda Larsen
Chewy Brownies. Linda Larsen

7.  Chewy Brownies

Making brownies that are as chewy and fudgy as cake mix brownies requires a little science. Mixes use vegetable oil, not butter, and that adds less liquid to the batter. Making chewy brownies! This recipe is fabulous. More »
Brownie Mix - Linda Larsen
Brownie Mix. Linda Larsen

8.  Brownie Mix in a Jar

This is a fabulous idea for the holiday season. Who wouldn't want to get a homemade brownie mix? And the brownies made from this mix are very chewy and fudgy. Yum. More »

9.  Crunchy Oatmeal Brownies

These brownies are a take off on Oatmeal Carmelitas, another fabulous bar cookie recipe. Tender and chewy brownies are sandwiched between layers of rich brown sugar and oatmeal cookie. Yum. More »

10.  Nut Lover's Brownies

I love this recipe - it's like a combination of brownies and pecan pie, but with walnuts added too. You could use your favorite nuts in this recipe, or any combination. Just be sure to have the recipe on hand, because every one who tastes it will want to make it too! More »

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